The health benefits of camel meat

Camel meat is best between all other meat in its validity for those who want to diet or slimming diet and it is least harmful to the heart due to the low percentage of fat in it compared with the other red meat. It was found in laboratory studies that that red meat causes heart disease and cancer because they contain a substance called "New CG" that attacks the living natural cells and kills them, and so far we doctors don't know why?

The study revealed a comparison between camel and other meat from sheep and goats…etc.  specialists says that It is advisable to eat camel meat to those who apply the slimming diet food, and they have linoleic acid which reduces the level of cholesterol in the blood. It was found that there is a clear correlation between the infection of these diseases and increasing the intake of saturated fatty acids in the fat of beef and buffalo, sheep and goats. And as different scientific tests proved  that the essential amino acids in camel meat is higher than in the lamb meat and white meat, while the superiority of goats on camel meat in the content of these amino acid, while the proportion of fibrous proteins is between 11.48 and 11.93 per cent in the muscles of different sentences, while the rate reaches in the connective tissue  to about 2.15 per cent and the proportion of total protein reached a 22.64 per cent in the camel average, which confirms that eating a piece weighing one hundred grams give the body everything it needs from animal protein per day which is similar to eating eggs and various kinds of cheese.

Doctors says it is useful to add lemon juice to it to increase the rates of absorption of iron and reduce the absorption of some fat  and noted  to the importance of eating camel meat with fresh vegetables and green salads or with parsley. The camel meat is generally an excellent source of vitamins soluble in water, but a very poor source of vitamin G, as well as vitamins A, D and K that are found mainly in body fat.